24 Jan 2014


“Look at me I’m the best, the baddest female. Something’s different about me, I’m so much faster than you. Sexy represents Lee Hyori. Yeah we classy ladies for show”  Bad Girls, CL at Hyori x CL collaboration

How it will be if two baddest females Seoul city ever had share the same stage? Now we know why SBS made special collaboration of the divas. Here we go: Lee Hyori and CL of 2NE1. I have a girl crush because of these queens of Kpop. Sure, they are not only boys killers but also ladies killers *oops. Just like usual, they owned the stage by outstanding performance concept. The grandiose arrangement just signalling superstar’s stage. CL's english rapping intro drove me crazy. Wait, I can't help awed at her Versace long fur coat which costs more than $35000 (she’s not only 2NE1's leader but also fashion leader). By chance or something, this duo consists of this year MAMA's Best Female Solo Artist and Best Dance Performance Female Solo winner. Both of them have the same intimidating aura. The 2NE1's leader standing out with fierce rapping, Hyori stunning with her vocal and sexy dance. Hurrah, that powerful closing dance. Epic! All hail the queens. Even other performers gave them standing ovation.
"The heroine of a movie maybe like an angel but the bad girl next to her is more attractive. A girl who has strange charm that you cant deny. A girl who’s attractive without knowing exactly what it’s bout her. Bad bad bad bad girls. She’s saying ‘watch out’ to you first since you thought she was easy.” Bad Girls-Lee Hyori

CL’s English rapping reminds me of her strong fierce image on-stage, lovely personality off-stage. “Its just my attitude: you think I’m rude, you think I’m hard, you think I’m cold and I sold my soul. That's what I decide to do to hide my weakness and bury my truth. I wont depend on anyone again”. Somehow I love a kinda girl that looks charismatic but cute at heart. This girl claimed herself as the baddest female is only a genius-talented person who being true to herself. She didn’t do plastic surgery as most girlgroup members do just to look beautiful. She doesn’t act cute on stage just to be loved. On other hand, she managed herself to be close friend to big names such as Will.I.am, Sky Ferreira, Jeremy Scott, and so on. Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is the textbook of excellent body figure. She got so many awards under her belt proving her quality and popularity. This tough bad girl is a very funny person actually. In everything she does people have no choice other than admitting her attractiveness, eventhough she said she's a bad girl.

“Yeah, I’m strong, very fierce. Someone like you cant ever handle me. I don’t even have an ounce of jealousy in me. Even fortune tellers cant figure out my heart. I’m a queen bee. I’m the heroine.” The Baddest Female-CL
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