11 Feb 2014


“I’m trying to smile brightly but I don’t like it. I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty. I wanna be pretty. Dont lie to my face cuz I know I'm ugly“-- Ugly, 2NE1
I just love it. The uptempo track said that beauty standard is so annoying. This song contained ”just another girl” emotion. Feeling when people think you’re so-so: not beauty, smart, talented, and skilled, but you keep struggling on. But hey, we’re not “just another girls” just because we’re not considered as the pretty one.

2NE1 againsts the stereotype of pretty/cute/girly group and stands with their qualities. I agree YG’s statement: Different from pretty, prettier. Be ourselves is better than anything. We have not following the standard and becoming similar to others. What is world without uniqueness?

“Don’t look at me now I hate this feeling right now. I want to hide away somewhere, I want to escape.” That’s how beauty standard damaging women’s confidence. Hey, every woman is beauty in her own way.
Well, I’m playing this song so many times today after heard good news about CL. I don’t usually want to write about cosmetic ads. Other YG artists such as G-Dragon (The Saem ambassador) and Dara (Clio’s face) are beauty product models but I wrote nothing. This time I really want to write it down because it's CL. This person often dubbed as ugly and coolly answered that she’s not even interested in plastic surgery (different from Sandara who got natural beauty and praised by everyone for her goddess look, they said CL isn't pretty). Live in the middle of plastic surgeried dolls, the 2NE1’s leader said that she only wanna be herself. Dang, she’s the newest face of Maybelline New York. For those who call YG artists ugly--these artists use their musics to be idols instead of their looks, even CL is the person beauty product houses looking for. Of course, there's a hidden reason why designers such as Jeremy Scott made her the muse. There’s a reason to pick an “ugly” girl mingling in barbies crowd, right?

Every girl need a role model. "The baddest female" singer shows the world that you can remain who you are and still be beautiful. Without labelled as good looking, she has that undeniable beauty. What makes her beauty is her confidence. Different from those who act cute and try to look interesting to be adored, she reveals her powerful image. Her talents, inner beauty, inner strength, and independent attitude inspired a lotta girls to be cool girls. She has this kind of fierce image unsaid “Are others’ eyes really that important?” to persons said she’s not pretty. Ladies in the world need a role model and pretty isn’t good enough. We need a role model that speak through actions.

Well, there’s many big reasons to call CL beautiful. She has her own idealism and principles. She’s genius. She speaks 4 languages. She’s superbly talented. She’s Korea’s most connected person to international artists (she hangs out w/ many international big names from designers, singers, producers, and actors). She’s unique. She shows her true color. She has a strong character. She stays herself. She has all the qualities to be idolized.

Congrats charismatic leader, CL, you are born with it. In contrary to your song, you’re not ugly. You’re very pretty. Just like her you I wanna be pretty :)
image source: CL's instagram
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