4 May 2015


Have you ever feel after you defended yourself many times, at the end of day you reluctantly  admit you’re a loser?
Big Bang dropped their newest songs called Bae Bae and Loser. Between the two, I’m into Loser more as the melancholy hip hop track was like speaking to me. Bae Bae is a mid-tempo track with cool snares sound and Loser is a ballad, slow tempo song. While Bae Bae sounds playful-cheerful, Loser has dark atmosphere and is emotional. I think I can relate to this RnB-with-hiphop-touch song. As soon as I heard this song, I keep sing the lyrics especially the “loser, loner, a coward who pretends to be tough” part that easily stuck in my mind. Big Bang really matured now. Their songs aren’t the fancy, flashy, upbeat songs but songs that tell the reality. The honest and sincere lyrics can touch listener’s heart and yes Big Bang did it on me.

There are times when I try to be strong but deep inside I know I’m brittle. The time you try so hard to win by work so hard but secretly crying because ended up being a loser. A part of me was unconsciously agree that somehow I have the loser side in me. Deep inside, we try to hide our own insecurities so people think we're just fine. In fact, although look fine we're not always that fine. 

For the music video, Big Bang’s members acted very well. I almost sobbing for Daesung got beaten—he expressed pain as a born loser. He wanted to take a revenge but he was simply always lose (huhuhu). TOP’s tears near the end of MV is a heartbreaker. He expressed insecurities within what so-called perfection. GD helplessly falling and laying on the ground as he realized fame and wealth don't assure happiness--he expressed his loneliness. Seungri is a love loser--although I can't relate to this role well but I'm sure it's relatable to a lotta people. He expressed failures.Taeyang’s part “I’m a loser” on  repeat at the end of song is haunting me. He expressed depression. But, look at how they walk together in the end. It's like you can move on from your sadness and be strong. 

At some point, I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes
I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling
But no one recognizes me
I’m a loser, loner” (Loser, Big Bang)
image source: yg-drag.tumblr.com
song translation: popgasa.com

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