24 Sep 2017


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Tonight, I’ll go back to Jakarta leaving the city I’ve been into for the last 2 years. When I went to perform subh prayer with Upi, we talked about this very last day we’ll stand in the same land. I said to her, “but it’s kinda surprising that we’re much stronger than we thought before, right?”

I mean, we usually are gloomy even when we separated for 2 months during semester break. Lol. But these days, since each of us is busy about moving out (I’m to Jakarta and Upi to new boarding house), we don’t have time to complain about the parting way which is right in front of us. We don’t even have time to be sad over the separation and I know for sure, Allah makes us able to face these new life chapters of ours. We don’t even have time to properly feel our feeling and I know it happens so our hearts don’t ache. If we look at the bigger picture, we’ll know that everything happens for a reason—for our good.

I always believe that in the end, Allah always provides us with the sufficient strength to go through anything He has decided. Be sure for whatever situation life puts you in, you’ll always be able to survive. Believe that for whatever hardships ahead of you, you’ll always be strong enough—never less. Allah knows our capacity has to be risen up to match our dreams. Allah prepares us for what we’ve been prayed for. That’s why He sends us difficulties so we’ll be tougher and worth the blessing. And Allah also sends us strength hand-in-hand with the trials.

So please never say to yourself that you couldn’t handle the fate. We’re always among much stronger, slightly stronger, or at least as strong as it’s needed. We’re never less than able to survive through all the battles we have. Allah Himself said “Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear” (QS 2:286). We survived every single tribulation we had in the past. We’ll survive what’s ahead too.

Upi and I will be apart but we know that it happens for a good reason. We also know that we’re strong enough to stand for our dreams in our different ways. We’ll meet again somewhere and somehow in the better circumstance. Aamiin.

Ps: I wrote this based on my story with Upi but actually it represented my feeling to all the people who are close to me in Lampung: Aini, Dita, Pak Rajino’s family, Pak Usep's family, Pak Bandi's family, etc.

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