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16 May 2016


Album: Seoulite (Half Album)
Studio Album by: Leehi
Producers: Epik High’s Tablo, DJ Tukutz, and Mithra Jin, Leehi

Hey, it’s been a long time I didn’t write any song or album review. So, I just found myself in love with this album. It called Seoulite (Half Album) (I'm not a big fans of the second part of Seoulite. That's why I'm here only for the first half). It’s Leehi’s second album after her stunning debut album “First Love”. It took three years for the young diva to comeback, to complete this album. Even when we thought her first album was well-made but sure you are gonna love her even more with her newest album. Leehi said this album named Seoulite since people keep saying she’s so good at singing english songs but she want to restate herself as a Seoul girl. Different from her debut album which was a pop-soul-RnB based, her latest album is a hiphop number (indeed her producers were hip hop warriors). This album is gonna leave you in awe and of course, wondering just how beautiful Seoul is to have a singer like her.

9 Oct 2015

He probably busy on Monday / Tuesday seems too soon, don’t you think? / Wednesday feels kind of awkward / I don’t like Thursday for some reason / Oh this Friday / Oh, how is this Friday?/ It’s too hard to wait till the weekend / I only look at the clock 1,2,3,4 / My time is slow without you / I keep drawing your smile and hair / I might become a painter / A normal Friday? For me, it’s a fly day (Friday - IU feat Mino)

4 Oct 2015


“So just shut up and be mine.”
I don’t know why but today I’m in the mood of listening "Be Mine" by 2NE1. I was doing some exercises and jogging this morning and suddenly this song jogged on my brain. So when I arrived at my room, this song was the first one I’m searching for. It has been a long time since the last time I listened this song. Like the first time I heard the melody, this song always sound so nice.

11 Sep 2015


If you know the feeling of meeting a song that gives you fluttery feeling everytime you listen to it, then you know my feeling right now. I can’t help smiling whenever I listen to this mood booster song. I mean, I love how this summer-y song had a very sweet message. Don’t forget the fact that it used simple lyrics to convey the song’s emotion yet still sounds so full. I love the part “Can’t you tell I got a news for you?”. When we’re ready to listen to the news, we only get an extremely nice words. 

29 Aug 2015


“I was always alone at home. My dad was a taxi driver. Whenever I asked him where he was, he’d answer: The Yanghwa Bridge.” (Yanghwa Brdg - Zion. T)
Keinginan menulis ini muncul setelah saya membaca ulang diary dan menemukan kata Yanghwa Bridge di catatan tanggal 24 Juli 2015. Sebetulnya saya sudah menyukai lagu itu jauh sebelum saya menuliskannya di diary. Saya ingat perasaan saya teraduk-aduk ketika mendengar lagu ini pertama kali. Perasaan yang sama masih saya temui setiap kali saya mendengar lagu ini kembali. Ah, such a heart-breaking yet comforting song.

26 Jun 2015


Have you ever listen to a happy song but feel sad? Although this song has a happy vibe--even the title told us so but it’s actually a really sad song.
I always and will always love the contradictive things in YG Entertainment’s songs which one of its artists is 2NE1. I Love You told us about loving someone who doesn’t care about us at all and ended up hate him—but still love him so much. Sometimes the person you love the most is the person you hate the most—I think it’s cool to have this kind of story in a song. Lonely told us about being lonely eventhough having someone beside us. And here’s the latest contradictive 2NE1 presented to the listeners: without you I’m not happy but I hope you’re happy. Although the upbeat melody sounds fun, and bright, the story is on the other side. The song even performed in a cute choreography, a catchy beat,  and a cool drum sound but the song is about broken hearted girls. 

3 Jun 2015


Some songs are simply mystical and magical. For me, Sada Borneo is one of them.

My first encounter with Sada Borneo was when I heard their audition for Asia's Got Talent 2015. Relaxing, soothing, and very calm melody of theirs gracefully flowed right to my soul. They mixed traditional and modern music well. Their song was something familiar in my ears--simply like a sound from nature. It’s the sound that brought me to my childhood, to a place with only peacefulness. Sada Borneo’s music touched my heart. It flew me to an imaginary place where happiness synonymous to that place.

4 May 2015


Have you ever feel after you defended yourself many times, at the end of day you reluctantly  admit you’re a loser?
Big Bang dropped their newest songs called Bae Bae and Loser. Between the two, I’m into Loser more as the melancholy hip hop track was like speaking to me. Bae Bae is a mid-tempo track with cool snares sound and Loser is a ballad, slow tempo song. While Bae Bae sounds playful-cheerful, Loser has dark atmosphere and is emotional. I think I can relate to this RnB-with-hiphop-touch song. As soon as I heard this song, I keep sing the lyrics especially the “loser, loner, a coward who pretends to be tough” part that easily stuck in my mind. Big Bang really matured now. Their songs aren’t the fancy, flashy, upbeat songs but songs that tell the reality. The honest and sincere lyrics can touch listener’s heart and yes Big Bang did it on me.

26 Mar 2015


"Keep going, I'm here. I only look at you, please take my hand. I wanna keep going. I'll never let your hand go--not anywhere. I'll go together with you. I wanna keep going," (Keep Going, Standing Egg)

Have I ever told you that I love indie music? I love homogenic, ERK, and guess what’s next? Standing Egg! To put it simple the indie band provides you easy-listening songs. But if you ask me the reason why  I’m jamming to their tracks then the explanation couldn’t be simple.

22 Nov 2014


Yes Sir, I’m one of a kind….
Out of blue, I want to write this review. Although this album released 2 years ago, I still listen to it often. G-Dragon dropped his “One of A Kind” album while Big Bang hold a world tour at 2012. Meanwhile I was jamming to Big Bang’s Alive album, I can’t help moving my heart to Big Bang' leader’s second album. I’ll wrote my opinion why I adore this album and the reasons I called this album a masterpiece.

5 Sep 2014


"Wanna bet? You never seen a man like me. I live without holding every single day. Wanna bet? You never seen a man like me. I'm so busy having fun, just follow my lead." ( Put Your Guard Up and Bounce-Bobby)

Yohooo, Bobby won “Show Me The Money 3”, a rap competition held by Mnet. I can’t help adoring his performances especially his final stage. His song called " Put Your Guard up and Bounce" made my head bouncing so many times since the beat is good. His self-composed songs are cool, his flow is sick, his stage presence is so strong. I never though he will be this charismatic on the stage before. Bobby had to pass many fierce rap battles before claimed his victory. Bobby had to win over some underground rappers he knew since he was a child. I bet he's overwhelmed with a endless joy with this champion title. People said that idol rappers are less-talented compared to underground rappers and he proved that he's not just an usual idol. He's the real rapper eventhough grows up inside a company. In addition, this winning once again restated YG domination on hiphop arena. 

12 Aug 2014


“Just because you’re so-called BigBang’s junior group, people’s expectations are very high. You have to make songs that reaches the expectations people have for YG and Winner. You need to be more tired and more uncomfortable and more scared. You cant achieve succces just by being in YG” – YG advices to Winner

26 Jun 2014


"They say that time flies
But you keep breakin' its wings"

Taeyang has released his third solo album with the title song "Eyes, Nose, Lips". The ballad R&B song slayed the charts, received certified all-kill achievement. After winning local's hearts (by won 6 trophies on music shows so far) and of course international recognition (by topped many iTunes charts and joined Billboard 200 chart), YG prepares another surprises: YG family cover project. Its very first project was Akdong Musician's cover of Eyes, Nose, Lips. A cute intepretation of the heart-wrenching original version. If  on the original version, Taeyang showed us vibe of how painful and empty he is because of the one he loves, Akdong gave us feeling of first love disaster. The arrangement sticks with of Taeyang's but this one is acoustic. Eventhough it lacks the sorrowful emotion--puts broken pure love feeling instead, Akdong provided us a fresh cover. Soohyun's high pitches are refreshing and Chanhyuk's rap is cool. Simply, the siblings duo's cover is beautiful.

3 Jun 2014


“Taeyang is the type whose understanding of music and dance are really deep”- Yang Hyun Suk, YG Ent.’s chairman.
‘The sun’ is rising!

Taeyang means sun. Ever since the first time I’m into Big Bang, I think I knew why YG gave one of the members a stage name “Taeyang”. He is Korea’s best dancer and best R&B singer. And with that name--apart from Big Bang's albums, Taeyang has released 3 solo albums: Hot, Solar, and Rise (LOL, everything is about sun). He dropped his latest album last night and I stuck listen to those songs on repeat. Waited for 4 years since his last solo album in 2010, the singer of "Only Look at Me" is back with stunning songs.

26 May 2014


My bestfriend gave me the best advice. He said each day's a gift and not a given right (If Today Was Your Last Day-Nickelback)
Jika hari ini adalah hari terakhir kita, apa yang akan kita lakukan? Mungkin terdengar sebagai sebuah pertanyaan klise, tetapi lagu ini menjawab keklisean itu dengan penuh makna. Lagu berirama rock ini mengupas pengandaian itu dengan lengkap. Dipenuhi dengan pesan-pesan yang positif, siapa pun yang mendengarkan lagu ini seolah mendapat suntikan energi untuk berlari sangat kencang. Yeah, lagu ini membuat kita merasa harus memaksimalkan setiap detik yang berjalan.

8 Apr 2014


Kyaaaaa, Akdong Musician is finally debuted. Gained popularity even before their official debut, the adorable siblings consist of Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Soohyun. Their first album went overboard for a rookie, LOL. By their quality, is Akmu a newbie? Its just too cool but still cute. Can't believe Chanhyuk is just 17 years old doing these writing, composing, and producing (he said he has 80 self composed songs when this album released). YG must be proud to have another genius composer on the list. And Soohyun, 14 years old cutie, her voice is effortlessly excellent. Her crystal clear voice is priceless.

9 Mar 2014


Ku lihat dunia bernyanyi lagi (I see the world singing again)
Nada-nada tercipta mendamaikan bumi (Tones created conciliating the world)
Na na na na na na na na
Ku jelang hari (I move towards the day)
Na na na na na na na na
Ku jelang mimpi (I move towards the dream)
It's been a long time since I became Homogenic’s listener. This indie band is one of my Indonesian very favourite bands beside Efek Rumah Kaca. And today, Homogenic songs are on repeat on my playlist. I love Seringan Awan’s emotion. The part “Bila hadirmu buat hatiku seringan awan” (If your presence makes my heart as light as cloud) makes my heart absolutely light. I love “Best Day" for its catchy beat. “ Everyday is the best day for us. Can't you feel the atmosphere?” . And “Lirih” track, I don’t know but that virtual gamelan sound meet electro gives sacred and mysterious feeling. Hurrah, miss Dea, the synthesizer is cool! Enough here since I need to write about “Utopia” only. Yeah, I need different page if I have to talk about Homogenic itself. Hihi.

3 Mar 2014


If we only have two things and need to sell one of it, which one do we sell? Stereo or bed?
“ Take a seat like a backbeat lover, mixed tapes and cushions on the floor. I sold my bed but not my stereo, I sold my bed but not my stereo.”
Last night, Mbak Ki and I talked about Capital Cities's song. She said “I sold my bed but not my ipadchu” (she named her ipad ipadchu) and I was lol-ed at her statement. We was busy arguing which one we love more. Then I jokingly said, "If I have to choose, I’d love to save my stereo. Haha". I remember when people had their first salary on handphone, I bought guitar and speaker. Whenever I go out more than a day, I miss my speaker (yes. I'm a weirdo). I think I can sleep on the floor but I need to hear better bass and treble. So, I will sell my bed as long as my stereo is still on me. Haha, I'm kidding. I need a good sleep too -__-".  I think Mbak Ki would rejected my opinion but she was agreed. She will sell her bed instead of her ipad (where she saved all the music she likes). Normal people doesn't answer the the same way like these weirdos, like seriously. LOL.

1 Mar 2014


"It doesn't matter whether you come in last in the rank, just enjoy it.”- YG to CL, 2NE1’s leader.
YG, for many reasons hated by his own fans for making his artists worked so long in every single. Fans can't wait forever, right? But that “hate” feeling healed just after the album released. Haha, YG always being that perfectionist and that’s why we’re in love with music of YG artists. CL said that 2NE1 put a lot of thought on every song of the album. I think it's so true. Personally I can't choose one song I love more than the other. I agree that every song on Crush album is special, left nothing behind. The quality of it is enough to say 2NE1’s class is truly on a different level. Crush reaffirm my reasons for stanning YG artists. Day by day, YG definitely upgraded the state of the music industry.

11 Feb 2014


“I’m trying to smile brightly but I don’t like it. I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty. I wanna be pretty. Dont lie to my face cuz I know I'm ugly“-- Ugly, 2NE1
I just love it. The uptempo track said that beauty standard is so annoying. This song contained ”just another girl” emotion. Feeling when people think you’re so-so: not beauty, smart, talented, and skilled, but you keep struggling on. But hey, we’re not “just another girls” just because we’re not considered as the pretty one.
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