22 Nov 2014


Yes Sir, I’m one of a kind….
Out of blue, I want to write this review. Although this album released 2 years ago, I still listen to it often. G-Dragon dropped his “One of A Kind” album while Big Bang hold a world tour at 2012. Meanwhile I was jamming to Big Bang’s Alive album, I can’t help moving my heart to Big Bang' leader’s second album. I’ll wrote my opinion why I adore this album and the reasons I called this album a masterpiece.

One of A Kind
"This tiny guy tries to come on stage and stir things up but I don't like it--it's not pleasant to see. I turn my head here and there and wherever I go, it's his music. His pictures are everywhere-- eventhough he pretends he's crazy. They can't sell his stuff because they don't have it" You can't live because of me? 
This album opened by a song named “One of a kind”. Just like the title, the lyrics tell us about GD being different from anyone. G-Dragon strongly stated that he’s unique and original. But the most important thing from this song--beside the sick beat is, GD’s messages to people that hate him for any irrational reasons (such as he's not good looking). Netizens gave him harsh comments, here’s the answer. There was a time when some mass media threw him bad words for looked arrogant (yeah, he's a rapper and being cocky on stage is every rapper's act). But hey, this guy donates plenty money for social activities every year. He's absolutely humble and cute off stage. After lead the hallyu craze all around the world, this multitalented idol spoke to netizens and mass media back.

Choice 37, one of my very favourite producer in YG, helped GD composed this song. Yeah, Choice 37’s beat never disappointing. Every beat of him stands out. Btw, this song gave a big impact to my way of life. Everyone’s great because they’re different: I wanna be one of a kind too. 

This song won best rap/hiphop song at Korean Music Awards 2013 also best hiphop song of the year at Rythmer awards. I have nothing to say anymore. What to say to a dope beat, good lyrics, and a powerful message?

"I'm still second to none yes I'm a pretty boy. I fly around, so fly, I'm a delinquent boy. Mon, tues, wed, thurs, fri, sat, sun--I'm busy, I'm a bad oppa, bad boy. I'm a G to the D, Gold and Diamonds boy. Who says I'm not? You know I beez that."

Move to the second track, Crayon. The upbeat melody with GD’s fast rapping is the album's title track. Crayon is club type beat that made listeners shake their body. All hail the ending part of this song. I wanna jump and dance happily for its party-like vibe. This song led Big Bang’s leader won best male artist award at MAMA 2012.

Eventually (feat …. Of YG new girl group)
"I didn't know at first--I liked her empty spot but after a day or two, I would appreciate her. I didn't know about myself, I though I could live well without you. Tomorrow will be different from today--it's already been 1,2 years. As much as the hardships of those times, my lingering attachments increase. I pray that things will change as time passes."

GD going sentimental in this song. GD didn't only rapping here but also singing. I just love this song. Oh yeah, have you ever fall in love just by hear someone’s voice? Ah, whose voice is that charismatic vocal? I'm actually waiting for the new girl group debut just to know who's the owner of this cool voice. She filled the chorus effortlessly. I'm in love with her high notes. I really want to choose it as my favourite track but… If only other songs aren’t so good. Hihihi.

That XX
"I was walking down the street when I saw you man (yeah I saw him). I saw that my predictions were right (I told you). He took off the ring you gave him and linked his arm around someone. I'll just leave it at that. I dont wanna hurt you. But you actually get mad at me (why). Saying that there's no way he'd do that (sure you're right). I became aware of you being upset. And I said I must have seen someone else. Yes, I'll lie for you (I'm sorry)."

This song got a “perfect all kill” for being number one on all kind of charts in Korea as soon as dropped. The acoustic arrangement and GD’s slow rapping blended very well. Told a story about a boy that want a girl he loves leave her boyfriend since he can do better than her boyfriend.

Missing You (feat Kim Yuna of Jaurim)
"Everyday when I open my eyes, it still feels like you're next to me. Can't I turn things back to when we were together? My heart wants to cry but I have no one to talk to. Sometimes, I want to smile widely but I have no one by my side. Maybe I'm missing you oh oh"

This song is the most-generic song. Part “maybe I’m missing you” glued in my mind. Kim Yuna added sweet vocal to the chorus and made it addictive. I’m happy GD choose to collaborate with the owner of vocal he loves. Kim Yuna isn’t part of YG Entertainment and this duet seemed so far away before. This song made the album can be listened by non-hiphop lovers. Even when you aren’t into rap music, you can casually love this song. Hey, I love this song so much. And hey, maybe I'm missing you is kinda :)

Today (feat Jongwan Kim of Nell)
"Again today, I talk as if nothing's wrong. I say that I don't have a girlfriend and secretly turn off my phone. I want to be comforted by you tonight so don't ask me anyting anymore and keep this a secret so she'll never find out."

Ah, forgive me I hate the beat! But I lie.

YG artists must be excellent when it comes to beat. For this song, especially the too-cool-drum-beat is illegal (forgive me I hate the drum beat so much. hahaha). The dark opening and the melody are good. The chorus is so well made. Even before knew the translation, I caught the song atmosphere well. I feel the broken and tonight-let -me-lose-control vibe clearly.

Light It Up (feat Tablo and Dok2)
"I nicely let you go, you lucky thing. So don't jerk around. Did you think I would die that easily, didn't you? Did you really believe I would settle down on your rug that you're spread out, uh? Please be sensible and watch out. Hey you, there's no way you would ever be able to take over my spot."

Tablo and Dok2. Who doesn’t know these two admirable rappers? Tablo and Dok2 made an appearance in this song. Since GD and these two features are rappers, this song is the most hiphop-ish among the songs in this album. I like the cocky feeling in the whole song.

Among GD's solo albums, this album left the deepest impression on me. Yeah, there's no Diplo's arrangement and international artists collaborated like on Coup D'etat album. GD sticks with his hiphop root in this album, unlike other albums--that's the reason I love this album more. This album restated his position as a rapper. This album also the highest selling solo album in Korea (beat his own record on Heartbreaker album). It won record of the year at Seoul Music Award 2013 and Digital bonsang at Golden Disk Awards 2013. Such a great achievement for a soloist's album. But the reason I called it a masterpiece is nothing but its musicalities and GD's contribution on composing and producing this album. Being popular and stay idealist is a difficult feat on music industry but this album proved that GD can be both. He choose his idealism to hiphop music instead of writing popular-type songs--but still managed his album to be so popular. So, yeah. I love it.
(I supposed to write a review about Epik High's Shoebox album but haha, wait, I'll write it soon.)

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