30 Aug 2016


*membersihkan debu dan jaring laba-laba*

(The shameless me is back with imzroadtolampung part 3. It took me almost forever to write something about Lampung again. Just forgive me and million excuses I made.  Hehe.)
source: kaskus.co.id
Tiga hari yang lalu saya mengunjungi tempat wisata yang cukup menjadi perbincangan, Pasir Timbul. Sesuai namanya, tempat ini adalah pasir yang timbul di tengah-tengah lautan menyerupai pulau kecil. Dari kejauhan seolah menggema megah lagu Paradise milik Coldplay mengiringi perjalanan saya. Saya berasa lagi nonton My Trip My Adventure aja pake ada background music-nya. Hihi. But believe it, Pasir Timbul is a piece of paradise in the middle of sea!

20 Aug 2016


I’m unsure whether I’ve turned this tough through all the difficulties I had or because I finally surrender of grumbling and complaining. But it’s okay if your life doesn’t go exactly your way. It’s always okay to stop over thinking the things bother you so much. It’s okay if you do not seize the dreamy life you’ve longed for because the bigger problems and troubles may be await you. If you can’t stand all the hardships now, how will you survive later? 

It’s okay to be weak the moment you can’t bear it. Weakness doesn’t hurt, sometimes.

9 Aug 2016


“Hey boy, make ‘em whistle like a missile bomb bomb. Everytime I show up, blow up.” - Whistle, Blackpink
I need to say it beforehand: I’m a biased listener. Because they come from my favourite label, which usually release the songs suit my music taste, I’m simply biased. YG had put them on training for too long which is only raising the anticipation. I have been waiting them for years so now I have to check whether they could meet the huge expectation. I want their title tracks blow listener’s mind. I expect nothing but a solid debut.

7 Aug 2016


"What helps you overcome obstacles isn't brain but someone who will take your hand and will not let you go. In the end, that's family." - Reply 1988 
Hello. It’s been a week Reply 1988 lingering on my mind. So, I decide to write down my Reply 1988 withdrawal syndrome experience. I guess a lotta people who watched it already understand the feeling of mine. There’s nothing more hopeless than should’ve moved on but enjoying the stay. Haha. The couldn’t-move-on syndrome suffers me yet I’m feeling glad.

1 Aug 2016

REPLY 1988

My heart had a rollercoaster ride because of Reply 1988.
(Alert: it contained spoilers of Reply 1998)

Saya baru saja selesai menonton Reply 1988. Mbak Ki merekomendasikan drama ini dengan segala ucapan menggoda: rolling on the floor, withdrawal syndrome, etc. Just how good a drama to make her rolling on the floor and couldn’t easily get over it. Because our taste is (almost) similar, I didn't have even an ounce of hesitation to watch. She’s a selective person after all. On other hand, Reply 1998 had a very high rating and became one of the most talked drama, so yeah I gave it a try.
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