By nurimroatun - September 05, 2016

Alhamdulillah. Allah blessed me with another marvelous day. Hello, September 5th,  utterly nice to see you again. I embraced this day warmly for september have no idea how much I love this day.

I didn’t expect people could afford to remember it since the reminder didn’t even showed up at any place. The knowledge that some people remember my special day got me incomparably pleased.

A Brief Story About A Heartfelt Wish
I love it when people greet me in a very personal way. I found it touching when a person knows tiny fiber details of me. Like how a close friend said “I hope Allah sends Junghwan-like man into your very own reality.” Instead of saying “I hope Allah sends you someone special”. Because she knows deep inside, I fell completely, head to toe, in love with a man like Reply 1988’s Junghwan. I'm stunned by the fact she remembers my day all the way and my obsession over subtle adorable thoughtful tsundere personality. Such a mind-blowing wish, my dear friend.

I recalled in our past we would picked the exactly same guy for the sake of the similar preference of us. Don’t you remember we shared Dunia Tanpa Koma’s Mas Bayu fever? Hahaha. I wish we’d be one voiced but hey now we’re on the different path. Come on, you’re #teamtaek while every itsy-bitsy side of mine were #teamjunghwan. How could this time you betray me not to choose the “cold outside, sweetheart inside”  or simply said, tsundere type?

Just like you, I dislike the idea of moving my heart away from Reply 1988. Particularly because of my fantasy guy named Kim Junghwan was there—and I can’t say I like the whole situation. I should’ve moved on but let me be a Junghwan trash until indefinite time for my inability to turn my heart away. Hahaha. Not that he was dead drop perfect—he was just an ordinary character. But his everything’s simply on point for my personal taste. I’m aware of me being hyper absurd here. Pardon me.

I can’t contain the amount of aamiin I’d say to this wish, Dyan. I hope we both meet the man of our dream jumps into our real life. I pray wholeheartedly.

A Successful Surprise

Upi, what a sweet surprise you were. Opened my day with a blackforest cake and heartwarming words of yours—I couldn’t held my shocked self properly—as I was too surprised to say any single word. These days, you acted like you didn’t really care about me. Haha. Such an old trick yet succeed in making me wondering what was going wrong there. I remember we were absorbed into reading novels these days and I thought you barely remember this day.
 I couldn’t say this from a long time ago but you’re like my very own sister. I really mean that. And yes, your nice words raised my happiness level up :)
Actually there were many wishes I received and I couldn’t be less than grateful. I’m thankful to everyone-- I regret I can’t mention and explain the entire contentment they gave to my life one by one-- for abundance of attention and support.  I love it-- especially the effort to remember me out of anything that keeps you all super busy.

The idea of being loved is the best feeling I learned today. Many thanks, everyone. Thank Allah, as per always.

I promise myself to get better day by day. I’ll try my hardest to be a happy, less complaining, and grateful person. As I always remind myself about, you just don’t know that somewhere and somehow you’re other people’s happiness. Cheer up, Im.  The best is yet to come :)

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