By nurimroatun - October 18, 2021

Saw some bloggers shared their fun facts and I got inspired to do the same. I hope you can understand me better by knowing these fun facts about me. Which of these facts do you already know? :)

1. Born and raised in Purworejo, Central Java. However, I had lived in Jakarta during the first half of my elementary school days. 

2. Speak Javanese (all levels: ngoko, krama madya, krama alus--thank my mom that insisted I should be able to speak all of them), intermediate Sundanese (my neighbor taught me indirectly), Indonesian, English, and basic Spanish (blame Barca and Neruda :p). I am also a long-time learner of Al Quran's and Al Hadith's translation so I know a bit of Arabic, especially those which are mentioned in those books. 

3. Journaling since the first grade of junior high school. I have a habit of writing down my feelings and random thoughts (which make me surprised when I reread them). 

4. The very first money I got from writing in a magazine is IDR 25.000 and I remember my dad asked me: "Kenopo seneng banget toh im entuk selawe ewu?" ("Why are you that happy, im, to get IDR 25.000?")

5. Easily cry. Indeed a certified melancholic person. I could shed tears without a certain reason T.T

6. Been years into practicing guitar yet forever at the beginner level. How to make the proper Bm sound tho'? :p

7. Was actually a quiet, shy person who tried hard to change herself to be more confident. You may not believe it but I am an introverted person (I know you are gonna disagree but let me repeat it for the 784644 times :p)

8. Love jajanan pasar (klepon, kue putu, you name it) soooo much

9. My childhood dream is to be a lecturer.

10. Spent my childhood fishing, playing kite, hide and seek, jump rope, egranggobak sodor, and any other traditional games in my village.

11. Can't drink coffee at all. I can drink tea but prefer plain water.

14. Some of my favorite poets are Jalaluddin Rumi, Pablo Neruda, and Sapardi Djoko Damono. I had a habit of reading one by one fiction books from my schools' libraries until I finished them all, except the ones I wasn't interested in. 

15. I also enjoy reading East Asia's novels. Some of my favorites are Silent Separation (Gu Man) and I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Yuro Sumino) :)

16. I haven't watched that many dramas but with my limited exposure, my favorite K-drama is Reply 1988, J-drama is One Litre of Tears, and C-drama is Some Day or One Day

17. I feel everything deeply--which serves as both strength and weakness for me.

18. While I love writing with my heart and soul, I hope it will never be my job. (It is the answer to the frequently asked question: "Since you love writing so much, why don't you be a full-time writer?". On the contrary, because I love it so much, I want to do it pressure-free.)

19. My childhood memories also consist of the period where my mom didn't let me watch TV. She encouraged me to play outside the house instead. That is why I am not familiar with Doraemon's stories and any other cartoons'.

20. My dream house is a beach house, where the back door connects me with the seashore. It is indeed therapeutic.

21. If I had to choose, my favorite color is peach, although I like almost all colors equally.

22. The thing I find most attractive in a person is their eyes. Personality-wise, it is the beautiful balance of patient and passionate attitude.

23. I feel comforted to smell petrichor and soft morning dew. To calm my mind, I sometimes perform meditation.

24. Jennie of Blackpink had ever been asked about what action a man does that makes her heart flutter. I know my answer is not important (since nobody is curious about it) but same as Jennie, I like when someone remembers something I mentioned in the past and does it for me. In addition, I do highly appreciate chivalrous behaviors, even better when they are performed subtly as if they are genuine habits of the doer. 

25. My favorite subjects at school were biology, history, and PE.

26. I couldn't watch any scary movie. 

27. Realizing I am easily affected emotionally, I am learning to be a stoic. A long way to go :)

28. Now when I think about it, I have a habit of giving in and putting other people first. Back in junior high school, when participating in the regional's scout jamboree, I slept in the kitchen tent so my team didn't jostle against each other while sleeping in the main tent. I also let my friends had the room I've reserved the night before STAN's entrance exam and I slept in a mosque instead.

29. The issues I wish I talked more about: mental health and equality in quality education.

30. Some of my comfort songs are Coldplay's Fix You, The Carpenter's Yesterday Once More, Lee Juck's Don't Worry Dear, Leehi's Breathe, Jung Eunji's Hopefully Sky, and Mao Buyi's Perfect Day. I don't listen to many Indonesian musicians but if I have to mention one that I really like, it's gonna be KLa Project. Their songs comfort me from time to time.

So what are your fun facts, pals? :)

Your friend, 


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