By nurimroatun - January 16, 2014

" I have a dream, although I was ragged and torn up. A dream that I keep inside of my heart like a treasure. Sometimes someone sneered behind my back for no reason. I had to bear with it, I could do it for that day. You always say with worries, the vain dream is poison. Like the book that has an end, the world is an irreversible reality."

No matter how many times I have to say I'm a proud YG Family stan, I never got tired. I admire these artists. I adore they're not lipsyncing instead of performing live (it's a singer's job to sing anyway), multi-talented, unique, and have a very good music taste. Yes, with quality over look concept, YGs show the world their skills.
Psy maybe not an excellent singer since he's a rapper. But every time this rapper-songwriter sings a ballad song, everybody moved into tears. Honestly saying, compared to other YG artists' performances, I don't enjoy his vocal that much (maybe because he was tired sang during hours of concert plus he's naturally a rapper. haha) but his emotional performance makes everyone forget about vocal techniques. His stage presence is no joke. He has a special aura that makes people are fond of him. This lovable icon is seriously a natural-born entertainer. Then I know the big reason YG picks him to join the YG artist line. 

One day, he ever said he's confused about what to do. Now he cries joyful tears cause of what he has achieved. At this moment, he's Kpop's biggest sensation. He jumped miraculously with Gangnam Style (haha, this most viewed video ever on youtube). The worldwide phenomenon continues to stay in the center by another hit single "Gentleman". The cheerful songs of him are so attractive but whenever he sings a sad melody, I'm dragged into him even more. It's true, there's a gentle heart inside the merrymaker Psy. Oppa Gangnam style, please sing mellow songs more :)

"Yes I have a dream, I believe in it. Keep an eye on me. That cold wall of fate blocking me, I can face it with no fear. One day I will jump over the wall and fly high in the sky. Even this burdensome world cant tie me up. At the end of my life, the day I finally get to smile, let's be together"

*update: Tonight Psy won Digital Daesang (most prestigious award) for 2 consecutive years at Golden Disk Award. Congrats Oppa :)
(Yes I have a dream, I believe in it)
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