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Nur Imroatun Sholihat

Your friend in learning IT audit Digital transformation advocate a-pat-on-your-shoulder storyteller

Assalamualaikum, everyone. Hello!
I am Nur Imroatun Sholihat (and you can call me iim), someone who needs writing for it keeps me sane. I write this blog wishing it could serve as a virtual pat on your shoulder. I mean, have you ever read something and your heart feels warm? I wish I could be someone behind that kind of writing too.

I graduated with a Master of Commerce in Digital Transformation from UNSW Sydney. Currently, I am serving as the ambassador of IIA Indonesia's Young Leader Community and mentor at ISACA Global. I became a trainer at the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Indonesia, hosted #bicaraudit, guested in some seminars, and created content on LinkedIn as auditing is the field I put a big piece of my heart into. My typical professional life consists of performing (and studying!) IT audit and leading the reporters of the award-winning magazine, Auditoria (For further information about me, you can read my portfolio). Here I write about IT (mostly to advocate thoughtful use of technology in organizations through my #sensibletech column), auditing, journalistic, fiction stories (a.k.a. the cheesy parts of this blog), Islam, personal thoughts, and the random things I like. You can also be connected to me through LinkedIn and Instagram

Welcome to my personal blog and thank you for visiting. I really appreciate it. Cheers!             

Want a Further Collaboration/Discussion?

If you'd like to join hands with me, in any kind of possible collaboration, please send me an emailYou can also book an hour (online or in person) discussion with me on my Calendly  :) 

My fields of interest: internal auditing, IT auditing, IT governance, data governance, project management, business continuity management, public relations, writing, journalism, data communication, and women empowerment (women in tech).

This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are personal and belong solely to me and do not necessarily represent those of people, institutions, or organizations that I may or may not be associated with in a professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated. 




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