Assalamualaikum, everyone.


I am Nur Imroatun Sholihat (and you can call me iim), someone who needs writing for it keeps me sane. I write this blog wishing it could serve as a virtual pat on your shoulder.

I majored in accounting but learning to walk hand-in-hand with IT on a daily basis. My affection for IT  and auditing has brought CIACISACCNACOBIT 5 FoundationITIL v3CAPM, and BCMS Lead Auditor titles behind my name. To share a little knowledge and experience I have in auditing, I co-founded Infinite Audit. Having a concern about gender inclusion in IT, I also am one of  ISACA's SheLeadsTech Ambassadors. I work in the IT Audit Unit of Inspectorate General, Ministry of Finance (MoF) while also become the Chief Reporter of Auditoria, Public Relations Manager of MoF-Data Analytics Community, and host of NGOTAK (Ngobrol Data Keuangan). (For further information about me, you can read my portfolio). Here I write about IT (to put it in a more accurate way: the struggle I have in the IT world :p), auditing, journalistic, fiction stories (a.k.a. the cheesy parts of this blog), Islam, personal thoughts, and the random things I like. You can also be connected to me through LinkedIn and Instagram. 

Welcome to my personal blog and thank you for visiting. I really appreciate it. Cheers!


                                              Best regards,

                                             Nur Imroatun Sholihat



This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions expressed in this blog are personal and belong solely to me and do not necessarily represent those of people, institutions, or organizations that I may or may not be associated with in a professional or personal capacity unless explicitly stated. 



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