26 Jun 2015


Have you ever listen to a happy song but feel sad? Although this song has a happy vibe--even the title told us so but it’s actually a really sad song.
I always and will always love the contradictive things in YG Entertainment’s songs which one of its artists is 2NE1. I Love You told us about loving someone who doesn’t care about us at all and ended up hate him—but still love him so much. Sometimes the person you love the most is the person you hate the most—I think it’s cool to have this kind of story in a song. Lonely told us about being lonely eventhough having someone beside us. And here’s the latest contradictive 2NE1 presented to the listeners: without you I’m not happy but I hope you’re happy. Although the upbeat melody sounds fun, and bright, the story is on the other side. The song even performed in a cute choreography, a catchy beat,  and a cool drum sound but the song is about broken hearted girls. 

12 Jun 2015

I’m a loser, loner
A coward who pretends to be strong
                                                        (Loser-Big Bang)

10 Jun 2015


Kau membawakan untukku sekeranjang harapan. Tanpa sempat berpikir, aku menjinjingnya kapan pun aku melangkah. Tentu saja aku tak mengerti apa yang tengah terjadi denganku. Aku terlalu bahagia untuk menganalisis perasaanku sendiri. Sebenarnya ada rasa khawatir aku akan menjelma pungguk merindukan bulan jika tak tepat menangkap maksudmu. Kau menyatukanku dengan perasaan yang terlampau hebat untuk ditanggung oleh batin. Seperti yang Milan Kundera tuliskan, aku tak tahu apakah ini histeria atau cinta. Kau yang seterang bulan tiba-tiba memberikan sinarmu hanya untuk menjadi lampu sorot ke mana pun aku bergerak. 

3 Jun 2015


Some songs are simply mystical and magical. For me, Sada Borneo is one of them.

My first encounter with Sada Borneo was when I heard their audition for Asia's Got Talent 2015. Relaxing, soothing, and very calm melody of theirs gracefully flowed right to my soul. They mixed traditional and modern music well. Their song was something familiar in my ears--simply like a sound from nature. It’s the sound that brought me to my childhood, to a place with only peacefulness. Sada Borneo’s music touched my heart. It flew me to an imaginary place where happiness synonymous to that place.
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